How Our Story Began

Grand Bazaar in Turkey is an international online store that sells Turkey’s traditional, world-renowned, well-known products that are only available in Turkey. There are countless traditional products in Turkey that are known and demanded around the world, and tourists who usually visit Turkey can only reach these products during their visit. Our story as Grand Bazaar in Turkey family; “How can we deliver traditional Turkish products to the whole world?” and now we have become an online store that sends products that you can only find in Turkey and the Grand Bazaar to the whole world.

Only Top-Quality Products

There are approximately 3000 shops in the Grand Bazaar, one of the oldest shopping centers in the world. This means that there are thousands of products that you can find here. As the Grand Bazaar in Turkey family, we have collaborations with the best quality brands of the Grand Bazaar, and we offer a wide range of products and quality up to thousands of products to our valued customers. We work with Hafiz Mustafa, Haci Bekir, Karakoy Gulluoglu, Koska and many more world-renowned brands.

Wide Product Range

You can easily find and order thousands of products from our website that you can find in Turkey. You can easily find the product you are looking for with our easy-to-use interface and 24/7 live support. Turkish Delight, Baklava, Turkish Coffee, Black Tea, Herbal Teas, Fruit Teas, Turkish Honey, Anzer Honey, Nuts, Turkish Halva, Pismaniye, Turkish Spices, Turkish Aphrodisiac Products, Mesir Paste, Market Products, Turkish Breakfast Products, Beauty and Health products, Turkish cosmetics, Rose flavored products, natural care oils, textile products, Turkish bath products, gift and decorative products, coffee pots, teapots, coffee sets, tea sets, decorative lamps, decorated chandeliers and thousands of other products in our online store.

Easy and Safe Shopping

As the Grand Bazaar in Turkey family, we prefer the safest and easiest payment methods for our valued customers. For this reason, we have integrated only encryption and security methods and payment methods into our system. In this way, each of our customers can complete their shopping with confidence.

Fresh and Daily Products

We certainly do not keep stocks, especially in food products. In line with our incoming orders, we supply our products fresh on the same day, so that our products reach you as fresh and delicious as if you came from the Grand Bazaar and bought it yourself.

Express Fast Delivery to Anywhere in the World

We work with DHL and UPS, the world’s leading cargo companies. We send all orders to every part of the world with Express services, we ensure that our deliveries depending on your region are carried out in a short time like 1-5 working days.

Carefully Packing and Shipping

All of our products are carefully packed by our logistics team and are prepared to be sent. In particular, our food products are supplied fresh on the same day, then they are packed in our special vacuum bags in an airtight manner, and they do not get airtight until they reach our valued customers, so you can receive the products as fresh as if you bought them from Istanbul. Likewise, our delicate products such as glass and porcelain will not break. and it is carefully packed by our team in a way that it will not deform, so we can deliver all our products to you perfectly.

24/7 Easy Order Tracking

After you place your order, we inform you at every stage of your order. You can monitor and be informed that your order has reached us, that the order has been delivered to the cargo, cargo tracking information and the whole process until it is delivered to you. In addition, since you need any support, you can reach us at any time from our contact numbers and social media accounts and get support. Our customer service will be there to support you 24/7.

Updated and Renewed Product Range

We are constantly updating our product range and adding new products, we are working so that you can order the product you want easily to your home, we continue to add new products every day. If you cannot find the product you are looking for on our website, you can contact us, we will be happy to support you if there is a product we can supply.

We Are Cultural Ambassadors Between Turkey and the World

We bring you not only Turkish products, but also Turkish culture. We are proud and happy to be a cultural ambassador between Turkish Culture and our valued customers. We deliver all of our products to you in Istanbul as if you bought them from the Grand Bazaar. We understand very well what our valued customers, who order our products from hundreds of kilometers away, are looking for and want, and for this, we deliver the best quality and best products under the best conditions.