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Natural And Healthy Turkish Halva

Our halva varieties consist entirely of local and natural products. For this reason, its health benefits are undeniable. It has the power to increase resistance. It supports the body, accelerates the metabolism. It contains vitamins such as E and C. Our company offers quality and reliable products to your service.

We Deliver the Best Halvas of Turkey to Your Table

The main ingredient of halva is tahini and sugar. Tahini is obtained by peeling and roasting sesame seeds and then grinding them. Due to the rich protein and oil ratios of sesame seeds, halva is a very important food especially for children and pregnant women. It is energizing and nourishing. It makes it an indispensable food due to its easy storage, easy availability, and reasonable prices. Halva is one of the indispensable tastes of Turkish breakfasts and tables. Halva has different varieties according to the region; the common point of these varieties is that they are all very tasty. Halva, which has survived from the Ottoman period until today, is one of our desserts that comes to mind when Turkey is mentioned. When you think of halva, you shouldn't think of the first breakfast tables. Halva is often served as a snack or as a pre-meal presentation. In Turkish culture, halva is indispensable in holidays, weddings, and various events.

What Are Our Halva Varieties?

There are many different types of halva. These varieties have changed over time according to the regions and tastes, have been made and have survived to the present day. There are many types of halva you can find in Turkey. As GrandbazaarinTurkey, we are happy to bring you these varieties and the best halva brands. Tahini Halva with Pistachio is one of our most popular and popular types of halva. You can easily place your order on our website and get it delivered to your door in a few days.