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Turkish Pismaniye Varieties

Depending on the type, different flavors can be added, cocoa, pomegranate and pistachio can be added. There are different varieties of Pismaniye, there are varieties called palace halva and tensile halva. They have a slightly harder and tighter structure than normal Pismaniye, palace halva is also covered with chocolate. There are also pistachio varieties, just like Pismaniye.

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Origin of Pismaniye

Pismaniye as known as floss halva is a very famous dessert in Turkey, which is native to the Izmit region of Turkey. It is sold at many points especially in Izmit region, there are many manufacturers and masters in this region. It is known that the Pismaniye masters first came to Izmit from Armenia in the 1600s. In Izmit, every year regret festivals and events are organized. Pismaniye is distributed to the public. It is a very popular and special dessert. In 2010, it received a Geographical Registration Certificate under the name Izmit Pişmaniyesi. Pismaniye has an important place in Turkish culture, especially when visiting as a guest, it is taken as a treat. It is one of the most preferred sweets as a gift.

Pismaniye Recipe

It is a unique and very popular dessert with its lightness and flavor. It has the consistency and appearance of cotton. Pismaniye has a structure that disperses and melts in the mouth. Pismaniye is made using butter, vanilla, flour, water, lemon, salt, and sugar. It takes a lot of effort to make. Pismaniye making used to require a lot of muscle power. With the development of technology, its manufacture has become a little easier, but its construction still requires the skill of the craftsmen. It is made by adding the roasted flour to the boiled sugar gradually. Although it may seem easy, all the effort can be wasted even in a small mistake.