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Turkish Honey From Anatolian

You can find all the natural honeys you are looking for in this category, we have a wide range of products, especially Anzer honey and Honeycomb. You can examine our most preferred honeys such as Anzer Honey and Honeycomb, as well as Flower Honey, Pine Honey, Chestnut Honey, Lavender Honey.

We Offer the Best Quality Turkish Honey to the Whole World

We deliver the best quality Turkish Honey to our customers all over the world. With our rich product range in the honey category, we are pleased to deliver real and top-quality honey varieties and brands to our customers. You can examine unique and natural Turkish honeys and order very easily. We deliver your orders to your door as soon as possible.

Flower Honey and its Varieties

Worker bees use the nectar they collect from the stem, leaves and various parts of flowering plants to make flower honey. Most varieties are found in the category of flowering honeys. The richer the flora, the better the flavor and consistency. Some regions have endemic plant species that only grow in that region. This affects honey quality and flavor. Flower honey is named according to the region where it is produced and its main source.

Properties of Natural Honey

The content of natural honey generally consists of sugar, water, vitamins, minerals, proteins, various acids, and enzymes. When we look at the nutritional value, 78% of honey consists of glucose, sucrose, fructose sugar, and 16% is water. It has vitamins A, C, D, E and B. real honey; It can crystallize, although not very often, depending on the temperature changes or the herbal source from which the honey is obtained. ‘In case of crystallization, soak in hot water not exceeding 45 degrees for 30 minutes.

Importance and Consumption of Turkish Honey

Honey has an important place in Turkey, it is possible to find honey in every home. Honey, an indispensable product of Turkish breakfasts, is sometimes consumed with cream or butter. Others prefer to consume honey plain, you can see many kinds of honey on the tables, Honeycomb is very popular and preferred.

Strained honey is also consumed a lot with black tea, which is another indispensable part of Turkish breakfasts, people who do not use sugar, sweeten their tea by adding honey, they make children drink it by adding honey to milk, everyone admires the delicious aroma and natural taste of honey. You can find "Snap and Squeeze" packages specially produced for you to use in drinks on our website. Honey is also used in Turkish Desserts. You can find many kinds of honey you are looking for thanks to our rich product range and you can easily create your order.