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Our Turkish Black Tea Varieties

Black tea is also divided into varieties in itself. There are more intense, flavored, and fragrant teas according to the region. Tea has a relaxing effect on the human body. Some black tea varieties are named for their region, some for their aroma. We have Organic Hemsin Tea, Eastern Black Sea Tea, Bergamot Tea, and many other types of tea. All of our teas that you will buy with the quality of GrandbazaarinTurkey are natural and have a unique aroma. We deliver these unique flavors to your door, and if you want to see the unique black tea flavor on your table, you can easily order it.

Brewing Turkish Black Tea

Turkish Black Tea is cooked and brewed in a teapot over an open flame. This is the most used method in Turkey. Water is placed in the lower pot of the teapot and tea is placed in the upper pot. While the water is boiling, the heat of the water at the bottom also heats the tea at the top. After the water boils, it is added to the tea in the upper pot. According to the ratio of water, you can get a clearer and more brewed tea. If you want to brew without a teapot, you can take a look at our tea bags and teapot tea bags. We have teas suitable for many brewing methods. If you prefer to brew in a teapot, you can also examine our teapot models and tea machines from our kitchen category.

Features of Turkish Black Tea

Black Tea is one of the most important elements of Turkey and Turkish culture, the most consumed beverage in Turkey after water is black tea. Black tea is an indispensable taste for Turkey, one of the largest black tea producers in the world. We are happy to deliver the world's best flavored and delicious black tea varieties and brands to your door. Climate and soil conditions come first among the factors that make black tea produced in Turkey special. The world's best black teas are grown, collected, packaged in the Eastern Black Sea region of Turkey, and completely natural black tea reaches the tables. The tea grown in the Eastern Black Sea is much more special than all other teas. The reason is that it is much colder than other tea growing climates in the world and there is plenty of snow and precipitation. In this way, no chemicals are used to protect the tea plant, and thanks to the cold climate, tea is grown completely naturally. There is no other country in the world where it snows on the tea plant. This makes black sea black tea unique and natural.