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Turkish Delight Types

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Turkish Delight has been the common point of many different cultures and tastes. It is a world-renowned and loved flavor, both with its taste and diversity. Today, many kinds of Turkish delight are produced, there are many types of Turkish delight depending on its aroma, the nuts in it, its shape and brand. At the beginning of our most preferred and popular Turkish delight are pomegranate delight, double roasted Turkish delight and rose Turkish delight. Thanks to our rich product range, it is possible to find any kind of Turkish delight you are looking for. You will have no trouble finding the Turkish delight that suits your taste buds.

Top Quality Turkish Delight Brands

We work with the best Turkish delight manufacturers, we choose the best quality and delicious Turkish delight for you, our valued customers. Products of Hafiz Mustafa, Haci Bekir, Haci Serif, Ikbal and many more quality brands from Turkey's most well-known and high-quality Turkish delight producers are delivered to your door. we deliver.

Daily Fresh Turkish Delight

All your Turkish delight orders are delivered on the day they will be shipped, packed in special airtight delight boxes, and delivered to your door in 2 working days on average with express cargo service, preserving its freshness. If you want to taste our fresh and delicious Turkish delight varieties, you can easily place your order with the assurance of GrandbazaarinTurkey.

Traditional Turkish Delight

Turkish delight, which is among the most delicious desserts of traditional Turkish cuisine, is a dessert that has survived from the palaces and left a mark on the palate. Our world-famous Turkish delight, known as Turkish Delight, adds flavor to our tables. The history of Turkish delight, the best friend beside our coffee pleasure, the indispensable dessert of our holidays and special days, goes back hundreds of years. If you are wondering what the history of Turkish delight is, how is Turkish delight made, what is the nutritional value of Turkish delight, what are the types of Turkish delight, we recommend you read the rest of our article.

History of Turkish Delight

Adding flavor to the tables with its taste, Turkish delight was one of the indispensable desserts of the Ottoman Palaces. It was an important custom to offer Turkish coffee to the guests, especially in the traditional Turkish society, along with Turkish delight. For this reason, Turkish delight was always available in almost every Turkish house. The origin of Turkish delight goes back to ancient times. Turkish delight, which was one of the favorite desserts of the Persian empire, had the meaning of "abhisa", that is, happiness. Delicious Turkish delights, whose flavor and name have been changed by different cultures, were named comfortable ul-huk, which means the one that makes the throat comfortable in Ottoman cuisine in the 17th and 18th centuries.

The flavor of Turkish delight, which spread to Europe with the spread of trade, soon became a popular flavor around the world. The concept of Turkish Delight today emerges with the introduction of Turkish delight to the trade routes by Turkish traders. The first mass production of Turkish delight started in 1777 in the Ottoman Empire. First Turkish delight production: It is obtained by mixing honey, fruit syrup and flour. With the invention of starch and sugar, Turkish delight has added flavor to its taste with different updates until today. In 1777, Turkey's oldest confectioner, "Haci Bekir", was established and since 1777, it still continues to sell Turkish delight and confectionery.

How is Turkish Delight Made? Turkish Delight Recipe

Turkish delight that leaves a mark on our palate with its taste; It is obtained by mixing citric acid, starch and sugar in appropriate proportions and cooking. Turkish delight is enriched with appropriate flavor additions according to the desired taste. After cooking, the Turkish delight, which reaches a sticky consistency, is kept on a hard surface. Prepared Turkish delights are prepared and packaged by covering with optional cookies such as coconut, hazelnut, pistachio.