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Turkish Herbal Teas

Herbal teas are teas made by boiling various herbs and spices in hot water and are very popular teas especially in Turkey. Herbal teas are very valuable teas in terms of health, they generally do not contain caffeine, they can be served hot or cold optionally.

Our Herbal Tea Varieties

As examples of our classic herbal tea varieties, we can count sage with antiseptic effect, linden with antioxidant effect, fennel tea with good digestion, rose tea with high vitamin C. In addition to these, you can find chamomile tea, green tea, jasmine tea, rosehip and many more herbal tea varieties at, Turkey's best online Turkish Store. As an example of our variety of mixed herbal teas, Sultan Tea, Winter Tea, Masala Tea, Love Tea and Cholesterol Tea are among our most popular mixed teas. While preparing these special teas containing many natural dried herbs, we choose the freshest and natural products, carefully package them and deliver them to our valued customers. You can easily order herbal tea with the assurance of GrandbazaarinTurkey.

Effects and Benefits of Herbal Tea

The leaves, flowers, stems or fruits of medicinal plants are used in herbal teas. The plants, which are collected from the branches completely naturally, are dried and take their place on the counters. While these plants are made into powder and offered for use as tea bags, you can obtain them normally if you wish. They are valuable teas that are very popular because of the many beneficial compounds found in herbal teas. It has antioxidant and antiseptic properties, as well as has calming effects, accelerates metabolism, strengthens immunity, aids digestion, and many other benefits. These effects may vary depending on the type of tea. We have a variety of herbal teas specially prepared for you, our valued customers. Our blended herbal teas are prepared from a mixture of completely natural dried herbs and have a unique flavor. In addition to our blended teas, our classic herbal teas are also produced from completely natural and fresh products. We visit the best herbalists of the Grand Bazaar and find the freshest and natural products for you.