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Turkish Nuts Varieties

Nuts are a great source of nutrients as they are healthy and satisfying. You can easily consume them at every meal of the day, they are very nutritious with the minerals and vitamins they contain. There are many types of nuts, which are generally produced by drying in the sun. Among the nuts with high nutritional value, the most popular ones are cashews, hazelnuts, walnuts, pistachios, and chickpeas. Especially in Turkey, which is the homeland of hazelnuts and pistachios, the best quality of these products are produced. Sweet nuts are available as well as salty nuts. Some nuts are sold by coating with sugar. We choose the freshest and most delicious of these products for you.

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Benefits of Nuts

If nuts are consumed regularly, they have many benefits for the body, experts recommend consuming a handful of nuts a day. Nuts have an immune-enhancing effect, they contain many minerals and vitamins. Each type of nut has different benefits. Chickpeas give energy, Pistachio is good for cholesterol, Hazelnut is a rich source of protein, fiber, and fat. Walnuts contain plenty of Omega 3. It is a very useful and healthy snack if consumed in the right amounts.

Nuts for vegans

Nuts are an ideal snack for vegans. They can meet the vitamins, proteins and minerals that can be obtained from meat, eggs and dairy products with nuts, individuals who do not consume fish can also meet the Omega 3 and other vitamins they can get from fish with nuts. All our nuts are suitable for vegan nutrition.

Nuts for athletes

For athletes nuts are healthy and nutritious foods. It is highly preferred among athletes because it has the feature of both giving energy and keeping it full, so it is an ideal food source for both dieters and athletes. Nuts such as almonds and hazelnuts are a source of protein, they also contain vitamin E and magnesium, so they are highly preferred by trainers and dietitians in their programs.